Sell ​​Per Unit with the Measurement Price Calculator

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Sell ​​Per Unit with the Measurement Price Calculator

With the Unit Per the Sell the the the Measurement Price Calculator
need to the sell the products based on the Measurements by the ENTERED the users
Allows me to the the sell the items based on the weight, volume, the the length, and OTHER ENTERED the Measurements by the the customers. It also allows me to sell items in set quantities, such as boxes, while still displaying pricing per unit to users. You can even let users enter the needed measurements and calculate how much of a product they should order for them.

The Measurement Price Calculator of The, the the BE Able to the sell the tons of Different products, such as with with:

the the Tile box by the
Fabric A A by-the-square---foot
the the Ribbon by the yard
Corks by the pound
Garden is the is the mulch by the cubic yard
the the Wall paper the of the using the the room dimensions
Fencing for a yard based on the the perimeter
Services That are prices by the minute, hour, or word (the CAN the the add up closeup up my own units, as with with for for These are not included by the the default)

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